About Sessions

“On my own, I feel like I’m climbing one step at a time; after each session with Rebecca, it’s like I’ve gone up a whole flight!”

Setting Up An Appointment

Sessions are by phone or in person.

Contact: harrisonbodywork@yahoo.com

  Session Cost:  $110 (60-70 minute sessions)
Cancellation Policy: If you cancel within 24 hrs of your appointment time, you can either pay 1/2 the cost of the session, or send someone in your place.

In sessions you will:

  • Learn how your body can move with more connectivity, power and ease.
  • Learn how to relate to life patterns, challenging situations or aspects of yourself.
  • Identify and access more physical/emotional/spiritual support.
  • Navigate your life with more kindness and wisdom.
  • Experience compassion as a lived, direct, visceral experience.
  • Process trauma patterning in resourcing, non-traumatic ways.
  • Feel more of what is happening in your body, which leads to clarity and “ah hahs”.
  • Shift long-standing mental/physical/emotional/spiritual habits.


“My phone/distance sessions with Rebecca have been a crucial part of my healing journey, my recovery from trauma, and a large contributor to building a quality of life I desire. Rebecca brings incredible skill, insight, intuition, kindness, and spaciousness to her work.  Her ability to listen and reflect has helped me to transform and expand beyond perceived limitations, which has been so freeing. Rebecca has singlehandedly helped me through some of my most trying moments with grace, ease, and compassion. I will always turn to her beautiful work throughout my life.”

“I have been seeing and working with Rebecca for many years and have always been able to see her in person.  We have worked through old injuries, imbalance, and I’ve come to understand and appreciate the importance of alignment and listening to my body.  I am constantly referring people to experience her practice.  The recent COVID pandemic has changed all that, impacting much of our daily lives, so when Rebecca reached out to me about doing a session online, I was at first skeptical, but figured that I would give it a try.  The session was incredible!  Rebecca is gifted practitioner and that is not diminished by the online medium.  She was able to lead me through mental and physical visualizations which were as effective as if she were standing in front of me and we were both in the same space (which I suppose in a way, we were!)  When we finished, the session felt no different than if I had actually been in her studio.  In the future, I plan on taking advantage of the online (Zoom) format to receive sessions when I’m traveling for international track and field events, as I will often have 2-3 races during the event, and would love to have a session in between.  I would wholeheartedly recommend an online session to either current or potential clients – either during this pandemic or after!”

“Working with Rebecca last year was the most transformative time of my life. I live out of state so did phone sessions for several months. During these sessions she created a space where I could safely explore and process what was coming up for me. The container she provides is so loving. She taught me how to listen to my body and also how to regulate my nervous system and stay in the present if something becomes overwhelming. I was so amazed that she could sense what was going on in my body over the phone. She could tell if I was holding something or there was a part of myself I was leaving out of my awareness. This work with Rebecca has changed my everyday life. Anxiety was my normal and I struggled with terrible insomnia for years, which was putting a strain on my immune system.  Now I have more tools for getting out of the stress response loop, understanding the messages my body sends me and my nervous system has settled enough that my sleep has improved immensely. Rebecca’s ability to attune and guide is just as effective over the phone as it is in person. This is such a gift to those who don’t have access to this work locally!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a session/lesson?

Sessions are highly individualized. At each lesson, there will be an opportunity to check in with where you are at and decide what would be best for the day. Most sessions include hands-on work and education to foster tools you can take with you. Wear comfy clothes.

Do I need to have an issue to come in for a session?

No. Come in exactly where you are, and we will decide what is just right for you that day.  Having nothing “wrong” is a great place to dive into something new, just as having and issue or something specific you want to work with can give a great place to jump off.

How many lessons will I need?

This completely depends on where you are at and what your goals are. Because this work requires that you learn new ways of being and moving, I strongly encourage new students/clients to commit to at least 3 sessions in close proximity so that you give yourself a chance to see what the work is and how you can apply it. It takes time to learn what a new skill offers and how to use it.

Some people get a series of sessions to cultivate a certain skill or resolve an issue (the specific number of sessions varies and is discussed when we see how you are responding to the work). Many others end up doing the work at regular intervals for regular support and self-care, developing more ease on an ongoing basis, and developing a deeper and deeper skill set around how to help yourself.

Can I only have hands-on work with no skill-building component?

Occasionally sessions are hands-on only, but most people who end up relishing the work come to have an interest in how to cultivate the kind of awareness, balance and ease one can achieve from integrating Alexander work into their life.

What is the Alexander Technique and what kind do you do?

The Alexander Technique is a hands-on modality that helps people notice how they do what they do.  It cultivates presence, teaches natural movement, and helps people become aware of and change any kind of habit (thought, emotional, physical). 

I have been trained in the lineage of Margorie Barstow, who felt it was important to work with people while they are doing the activity they are interested in working on, so that they directly apply what they are learning to their activity. Therefore, the work I do can happen on a bodywork table, while doing simple movements such as sitting, standing, walking, while doing any kind of activity, or a combination of these.

I often say that my work is rooted in the Alexander Technique, because while staying in the heart of the work, I also feel free to bring in all of my current and previous studies to my sessions.  This allows me to meet each person, each time, with all I have to offer.