The Ins and Outs of Habits

Habits… We need them in our lives. Imagine getting ready to go in the morning if you had to relearn how to walk, brush your teeth, or make and eat breakfast! Habits are essential and useful, but can also limit our choices. They can limit how we think about things, how we act, how we do the activities of our lives.
In these two evenings we will explore the world of habits so that we can appreciate our habits more (yes, I said appreciate them!), as well as have more ability to change the ones that we are ready to change.
WHEN: Nov 29th, 6-8pm– How habits form, what they are, debunking myths about changing habits, and how our systems form new habits.
Dec 6th, 6-8pm– Common obstacles that occur when we try to change habits, and some ways to work with them.
COST: $70 for both classes or $40 for one.
REGISTER: Contact Rebecca at Space is limited, so pre-registration is appreciated.

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