About Rebecca

I am an Alexander technique teacher, bodyworker and workshop facilitator working out of Portland, Oregon. I’ve had a lifetime fascination with approaching the body as a vehicle for creative expression, self-awareness, and exploration of life. I am passionate about helping myself and others live more joyful, conscious, curious, embodied lives.

After becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2001, I have studied and practiced various structural, energetic modalities as well as consciousness and mindfulness work, including brainspotting, matrix energetics, bodymapping, breathwork, neuromuscular therapy, and reiki.

I am a life-long dancer, and have studied movement and somatic forms for the past 20 years including Alexander, body-mind centering, modern dance, improv and tai chi. Currently my interests lie in going deeper into the Alexander work, non-dualism, brainspotting, meditation, and communication as a means to enjoy and learn about life.

Having completed the four-year Alexander Alliance NW/SW training course in 2013, I am a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique.  I am an assistant teacher in the Contemporary Alexander School (CAS), helping to train people to become Alexander teachers.

A few other facts:

  • I have facilitated workshops for public and touch practitioners since 2004
  • I worked for 4 years at Providence hospitals, doing bodywork with inpatients and outpatients with cancer and other medical conditions
  • My BA was in Psychology and Dance
  • I have been a student of dance since the age of 4, and continue to dance and perform in the present, although in more recent years you will more often find me with my family or out hiking somewhere beautiful