Classes & Workshops

“Rebecca’s workshops offer a mature, generous, and warm experience where I feel I am being consciously invited to do clear self contemplation. The courses have led me in a deeply embodied way to reflect on how I respond to daily life. Each class I leave with a clear study of how I might execute change with the goal of accessing a more grounded and resourced relationship with myself and the world around me.”

Living Well: Resourced, Heart-Centered Living

Four workshops, which can be taken as a series or individually, which are designed to help participants be in touch with and act from their wisdom, for the benefit of themselves, other people and the planet. 

This series starts with learning about regulation of the nervous system, cultivating the physiological state of resourced responsiveness and quieting the fight/flight/freeze responses that are built into the nervous system.

The series then moves onto practical empathy and compassion practices, to help stay connected with what you care about, and to act from your heart.

The third workshop in the series is on wise action, including clarifying how to direct our energy to avoid burn-out and overwhelm.

The last workshop will look at body-mapping and life patterns, and will include how to find more support and ease in your body, as well as how life patterns are created and expressed in the body.

“Rebecca offers a calm, wise and authentic space for exploration, whether on zoom, the phone or in person. Her workshop series: Living Well: Resourced, Heart Centered Living has been especially transformative. With spacious, gentle and direct guidance, these weekly, 2-hour teachings have given me the practice I needed to begin trusting myself again.  The layering and building of the class series is skillfully crafted. The benefits are cascading through my life and my confidence is growing the more these teachings are integrated into my daily life.”

Wise Action

6 week workshop.  Weeks of Feb 16-Mar 30,  2021.

Tuesdays, 5:30-7:30 PM PST via Zoom. No class March 23rd.

You can also do this class self-paced via recording. 

There’s a lot going on in your life. Relationships to tend, jobs to do, money to make, food to cook, living spaces to upkeep.
And then you turn on the news….

You feel the pain, the tension, the upheaval. And you want to help make things better.  But how?  And can it ever be enough?

This 6 week workshop is for you if: 

*You want to connect with a warm group of people who are all engaged in making their lives and the world a better place to be.

*You sometimes get overwhelmed, anxious or burned out when you’re faced with the intense news of the world, and you want to be able to respond in ways that are sustainable and which opens your heart to this life.

*You want to live more and more from a place of authenticity and joy, but sometimes fall into “shoulds”, guilt, or automaticity.

*You’re curious to learn about common patterns we take on in action (victim, hero, martyr, fighter), and want to be able to redirect yourself when you’ve fallen into one of them.

This workshop will give you what you need to make your life feel better now, as well as for all of the years that come.

Class agreements:
It is important for group continuity and connection for participants to be at class as much as possible. It is requested that you do your best to attend at least 4 of the 6 classes, show up on time, and stay for the whole class. If you are not able to attend a class, you will receive a recording of that class to do on your own.
Any personal information or stories that are shared in the group stay in the group.

***These classes will be recorded (audio only) for a self-study version of the course.  Anything shared in the large group will be part of the recording (audio only).***

Cost: $195 or $225 if you want to contribute to a scholarship fund to give this work to people who can’t afford it.  If you are drawn to this class but can’t afford the full fee, please contact Rebecca directly.  

To Register: Email Rebecca Harrison:

“Rebecca approaches teaching from a centered and curious place, which sets a really good tone for the class. It helps me settle into a more centered and curious place which allows me to get more out of the class. Rebecca curates the classes well so that they are balanced between listening, practicing helpful exercises and having good discussions in one on ones and small groups.”

Finding Support and Ease in Your Body

8 week workshop.  Weeks of April 20-Jun 8, 2021. Day and time TBD.

What does support and clarity look and feel like in the body?   What would it feel like in our spines?  In our legs?  In our hands and heads and eyes? In this class we will connect with support, clarity and ease through learning about lines of support and movement in our bones, joints and large muscles.  We will also touch on how our life patterns show up in our bodies/posture/movement, and how you can help them change by connecting to your innate coordination. 

This class if for you if:
* You want to do your activities (sport/ art/ work/ daily life jobs) with more grace, power, and efficiency (and less strain, repetitive use issues, or fatigue).
* You are curious about the mind/body/spirit connection and want to learn more.
* You want to access more support, openness and ease in your body and in your life.
* You do hands on or somatic work with others and want another effective way to help people step out of chronic tension and overuse patterns.
*You do emotional/psychological work with others and want more somatic tools or a better understanding of how the body fits into the patterns that you see.

Cost:  $255 or $280 if you want to donate to a scholarship fund for people who can’t afford this work.

Register now by emailing Rebecca Harrison: