CLOSE TO HOME:  A Retreat with Rebecca Harrison and Suniti Dernvosek

Evening of May 31 – mid day Jun 2, 2019

Group size: 10 – 16

About the Retreat:
Join Suniti Dernvosek and Rebecca Harrison for a spring retreat where we connect deeply to our own experience while cultivating tools to show up more fully in our everyday lives. Through an intentional weekend of movement, meditation and time spent in nature we renew ourselves and become more conscious and embodied.

Retreat is an opportunity to be quiet, gentle and deep. It is a place where many people experience breakthroughs in their practice. It’s a time to become more fully alive and commit to what feels personal and honest. With an interest in integration, we explore exercises explicitly designed to help you take what you learn during retreat and apply it to your everyday life.

We come together as community to share space, conversation and meals while allowing for personal time.

The retreat is being held at the Stillmeadow Retreat Center, about 30 minutes outside of Portland, OR.

Retreat Cost:  $330-$500  Includes 2 nights accommodations, retreat activities and meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.

Additional Classes: As part of post retreat integration we are offering two classes designed to anchor and significantly deepen what has happened on retreat. These classes are intended to smooth the edges and continue the momentum of taking what we’ve learned at the retreat into our lives.

The two 90 minute online classes are on June 4th and 11th from 7-8:30pm.


To Register:  Go to:

Relating to Technology

May 20th 5:30-8:30, $50

Portland, OR

To Register: Contact Rebecca at

Many of us spend A LOT of time on phones and computers.  So much so that it behooves us to take a look at how we are relating to it.

Come spend 3 hours taking a closer look at what happens for you when you are on your devices.  Do you get uncomfortable in your body?  Do you “zone out” for minutes or hours and then wonder where you went to for all that time?  Whether you want to prevent or improve discomfort in your neck or shoulders, or learn how to stay more present when interacting with a screen, or get more insight into how you might want to engage with technology a bit differently, here’s your chance!  Register now to join us!