Classes & Workshops

Living Wisely: Resourced, Heart-Centered Living

Four workshops, which can be taken as a series or individually, which are designed to help participants be in touch with and act from their wisdom, for the benefit of themselves, other people and the planet. 

This series starts with learning about regulation of the nervous system, cultivating the physiological state of resourced responsiveness and quieting the fight/flight/freeze responses that are built into the nervous system.

The series then moves onto practical empathy and compassion practices, to help stay connected with what you care about, and to act from your heart.

The third workshop in the series is on wise action, including clarifying how to direct our energy to avoid burn-out and overwhelm.

The last workshop will look at body-mapping and life patterns, and will include how to find more support and ease in your body, as well as how life patterns are created and expressed in the body.

Deepening Empathy and Compassion Towards Yourself and Others

8 week workshop retreat.  Tuesdays 5:30-7:30pm PST.  Nov 10- Jan 12 (no class Dec 22 or 29).

Come have a weekly dose of nourishment.  This is a workshop where you will learn practical tools in a retreat-like setting.  You will get to drop into your body and your heart each week, in a community of others doing the same. 

We want a world that is just and caring.  A world in which everything and everyone is treated with understanding and respect.  This is the only way to have sustainable and life-giving relationships, families, communities, countries and planet.  Connecting with our experience and that of others with understanding, kindness and compassion is key to creating the world we want to live in.

We all have innate access to empathy and compassion, but we need to develop it more and more deeply, for ourselves and our world. 

Directly connecting with our feelings and desires with kindness is key to returning us to wellness when we are struggling.  It also connects us with our gifts and passions.  Developing compassion and empathy for others keeps our hearts open and helps us relate to others with more wisdom and understanding.  In this class we will deepen our compassion for ourselves and others both as an end to itself, as well as to create the platform for action that stems from open-heartedness rather than fear or reactivity.

We will use various somatic, mindfulness and non-violent communication tools.  This workshop may be particularly useful to do with close friends and family as the class will create common language and ways to deepen connection in our close relationships. No background is needed in anything to take this class.

Now is the time to nourish ourselves more deeply.  Now is the time to connect more deeply to our wisdom; for ourselves and for our human community.

This class is for you if:

  • You are ready to develop even more kindness towards yourself and others.
  • You are curious about where you hold yourself back in connecting to yourself and others with empathy.
  • You want  a weekly time to learn and be nourished.
  • You want to be in a community of people all practicing bringing more empathy and compassion into the world.
  • You want to bring empathy practices into your relationships.

Class Format:
This class will be on Zoom, but as much of the class time as possible will be screen-free and nervous system friendly. There will be a checkin at the beginning and end of class where people will have their videos on for the sake of connection.  Videos are also on for any small group work.  The rest of the class time, each person can choose whether to have their video on or off. Participants are invited to make their spaces comfy and sensory rich to help with embodiment and regulation.

Class agreements:
It is important for group continuity and connection for participants to be at class as much as possible. It is requested that you do your best to attend at least 6 of the 8 classes, show up on time, and stay for the whole class. If you are not able to attend a class, you will receive a recording of that class to do on your own.
Any personal information or stories that are shared in the group stay in the group.

***These classes will be recorded (audio only) for a self-study version of the course.  Any personal stories that participants do not want included in the recordings will be removed on request.***

Cost: $255 or $280 if you want to contribute to a scholarship fund to give this work to people who can’t afford it.

$40 discount for you if you refer a friend who takes the class.

To Register: Email Rebecca Harrison:

Wise Action

6 week workshop.  Weeks of Feb 9-Mar 16,  2021. Day and time TBD.

We all have challenges in our lives or aspects of the world that we’d like to engage more deeply with.  There are certain things in our lives or in the bigger world that we’d like to take more action around, or we’re already doing that action but are getting burned out.  What helpful thoughts and actions can we keep in mind to create more of what we want to see while staying resourced?

Body-Mapping and Life Patterns

8 week workshop.  Weeks of April 20-Jun 8, 2021. Day and time TBD.

What does support and clarity look and feel like in the body? like and feel like in our body?   What would it feel like in our spines?  In our legs?  In our hands and heads and eyes? In this class we will connect with support, clarity and ease through learning about lines of support and movement in our bones, joints and large muscles.  We will also touch on how our life patterns show up in our bodies/posture/movement, and how you can help them change by connecting to your innate coordination.