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Upcoming Live Class Series: 

Living in Ease: Finding Support and Connection to Your Body and Being. * This class can be done live or self-paced via the recordings.*  The live class version is on Tuesdays April 27-June 15th, 2021.  5:30-7:30 PM PST. Email Rebecca to Register.  See Below for more details.

Self-Paced Classes:

Regulation in the Nervous System:  

A regulated nervous system is one where you can feel what’s happening clearly, and respond well without excessive fear or reactivity.  It is the physiological state of resilience from which you can make clear choices.  In this class we will learn to recognize the state of our nervous system in any given moment and use tools to come back to regulation when we have gone into fight/flight or freeze. 

Includes 12 hrs of class time via audio recording, class handouts, and exercises to do on your own.    Cost: $195.   Click here to order the class.


Deepening Empathy and Compassion: 

Directly connecting with our feelings and desires with kindness is key to returning us to wellness when we are struggling.  It also connects us with our gifts and passions.  Developing compassion and empathy for others keeps our hearts open and helps us relate to others with more wisdom and understanding.  In this class we will deepen our compassion for ourselves and others both as an end to itself, as well as to create the platform for action that stems from open-heartedness rather than fear or reactivity. 

Includes 16 hrs of class time via audio recording, class handout, and exercises to do on your own. Cost: $255.  Click here to order the class.

Wise Action: 

This class is for you if:  *You sometimes get overwhelmed, anxious or burned out when you’re faced with the intense news of the world, and you want to be able to respond in ways that are sustainable and that open your heart to this life.

*You want to live more and more from a place of authenticity and joy, but sometimes fall into “shoulds”, guilt, or automaticity.

*You’re curious to learn about common patterns we take on in action (victim, hero, judge), and want to be able to redirect yourself when you’ve fallen into one of them.

Includes 12 hrs of class time via audio recording, class handout, and exercises to do on your own.  Cost: $195.  Click here to order the class.


“Rebecca’s workshops offer a mature, generous, and warm experience where I feel I am being consciously invited to do clear self contemplation. The courses have led me in a deeply embodied way to reflect on how I respond to daily life. Each class I leave with a clear study of how I might execute change with the goal of accessing a more grounded and resourced relationship with myself and the world around me.”


Living in Ease- Finding Support and Connection to Your Body and Being

8 week workshop.  *This class can be done live or via the recordings*. The live class version is on Tuesdays April 27-Jun 15, 2021.  5:30-7:30PM PST.  Via Zoom.

Cost:  $300, $325 if donating to a scholarship fund for people who can’t afford this work.

Space is limited.  Register Now:

Are you ready to have the shifts you want?

I invite you to sense into your anatomical structures as a doorway to receiving what you want, whether it’s biomechanical efficiency, connection with your self and intuition, or shifts in emotional or thinking patterns.

You will learning about and feeling into key aspects of the skeletal system, weight bearing joints, lines of weight support, joints, and organs which quickly and easily lead to profound experiences of ease and support.

As you tune into where your body is designed to move and receive support, you will practice how to invite, receive and notice shifts in your presence, connectivity, thinking and emotions.

This class is for you if:
You have activities which you want to do with more grace, power, and efficiency (and less strain, repetitive use issues, or fatigue).
You know that the mind/body/spirit are a connected whole, and you want shifts which include all of the layers.
You want to access more support, openness and ease in your body and in your life.
You do hands on or somatic work with others and want another effective way to help people step out of chronic tension and overuse patterns.
You do emotional/psychological work with others and want more somatic tools or a better understanding of how the body fits into the life patterns that you see.

This class will include:
*Learning about and embodying the bones and joints of the feet, legs, pelvis, spine, head, arms and hands.
*Exploring where life patterns come from, and how they show up in the body.
*Sensing into the lines of weight support through the joints and skeletal system to increase strength, and fluid ease.
*Allowing shifts in sensing into the anatomical structures to change your whole self: outlook, emotions, thoughts, and sense of yourself.

Email Rebecca Harrison to register:


“Rebecca approaches teaching from a centered and curious place, which sets a really good tone for the class. It helps me settle into a more centered and curious place which allows me to get more out of the class. Rebecca curates the classes well so that they are balanced between listening, practicing helpful exercises and having good discussions in one on ones and small groups.”