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“Rebecca’s workshops offer a mature, generous, and warm experience where I feel I am being consciously invited to do clear self contemplation. The courses have led me in a deeply embodied way to reflect on how I respond to daily life. Each class I leave with a clear study of how I might execute change with the goal of accessing a more grounded and resourced relationship with myself and the world around me.”

The Open Moment:  A day long workshop with Rebecca Harrison and Tracy Broyles

January 30th, 10-5 PST

The Open Moment is Here. It is this breath, this sensation. The Open Moment is truth as we can know it at any given time.

Magic happens when we connect with the open moment. It acts like a soft hug around your warm animal body. It connects you with your deep beingness, beauty and natural unfolding.

Please join us for a special day long workshop in which we explore The Open Moment. If you are curious about ways to show up for your life more fully, this workshop is for you! No prior training is required.

Co-facilitators Rebecca Harrison and Tracy Broyles will guide you through sensorial, meditative, and creative practices. With plenty of time for connection and integration, we will flow between group and solo explorations that will include writing, drawing, moving and stillness.

Get ready for a full day of meeting the moment in yourself through creative play and open curiosity, and see what magic happens!

January 30th, 10-5 PST
Via Zoom
Sliding scale $90-$130. If you are drawn to this retreat but finances would prevent you from participating, please contact me and we will work something out.
Includes one optional followup Q & A session on Wed, February 10th from 6:30-7:30 PM PST

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Tracy Broyles (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist and facilitator who researches energy and consciousness through movement, healing sessions, workshops, performance, writing and personal study. She has been creating, teaching, and working with groups and individuals for 20 years. She is most deeply influenced by her training as a dancer and as a Core Energetics Practitioner.

Rebecca Harrison (she/her) has had a lifelong fascination intersection between embodiment, movement, psychology and spirituality. She has worked with individuals and groups for the past 20 years, helping people to connect with themselves in their bodies and find ways to move through their lives with more aliveness, grounding and ease. Her background includes somatic and mindfulness forms, trauma release work, and being a dancer, Alexander Technique teacher and meditator.

Living Well: Resourced, Heart-Centered Living

Four workshops, which can be taken as a series or individually, which are designed to help participants be in touch with and act from their wisdom, for the benefit of themselves, other people and the planet. 

This series starts with learning about regulation of the nervous system, cultivating the physiological state of resourced responsiveness and quieting the fight/flight/freeze responses that are built into the nervous system.

The series then moves onto practical empathy and compassion practices, to help stay connected with what you care about, and to act from your heart.

The third workshop in the series is on wise action, including clarifying how to direct our energy to avoid burn-out and overwhelm.

The last workshop will look at body-mapping and life patterns, and will include how to find more support and ease in your body, as well as how life patterns are created and expressed in the bod

Wise Action

6 week workshop.  Weeks of Feb 16-Mar 30,  2021.

Tuesdays, 5:30-7:30 PM PST via Zoom. No class March 23rd.

There’s a lot going on in your life. Relationships to tend, jobs to do, money to make, food to cook, living spaces to upkeep.
And then you turn on the news….

You feel the pain, the tension, the upheaval. And you want to help make things better.  But how?  And can it ever be enough?

In this 6 week workshop you will get to: 

*Feel into where you are at with balancing all of the elements of your life.

*Learn how to be in relationship with the hard, painful things happening in the world without getting overwhelmed.

*Align your time and energy even more closely with what would feel good to you.

*Learn how to take action in the world in ways which open your heart and spirit, rather than getting burned out, numb, or hardened.

This workshop will give you what you need to make your life feel better now, as well as for all of the years that come.

Class agreements:
It is important for group continuity and connection for participants to be at class as much as possible. It is requested that you do your best to attend at least 6 of the 8 classes, show up on time, and stay for the whole class. If you are not able to attend a class, you will receive a recording of that class to do on your own.
Any personal information or stories that are shared in the group stay in the group.

***These classes will be recorded (audio only) for a self-study version of the course.  Anything shared in the large group will be part of the recording (audio only).***

Cost: $195 or $225 if you want to contribute to a scholarship fund to give this work to people who can’t afford it.

To Register: Email Rebecca Harrison:

Body-Mapping and Life Patterns

8 week workshop.  Weeks of April 20-Jun 8, 2021. Day and time TBD.

What does support and clarity look and feel like in the body? like and feel like in our body?   What would it feel like in our spines?  In our legs?  In our hands and heads and eyes? In this class we will connect with support, clarity and ease through learning about lines of support and movement in our bones, joints and large muscles.  We will also touch on how our life patterns show up in our bodies/posture/movement, and how you can help them change by connecting to your innate coordination.