The Art & Practice of Change


When: March 19, 10-5
Where: NE Portland
Cost: $150

Questions about change are at the heart of being human. Where do we have ease or difficulty in “going with the flow” of life’s changes? What do we think can change easily, and what are the patterns in our thinking, feeling and behavior that just seem to repeat themselves over and over again? How can we help ourselves shift into ways of being we really want, and how can we be kinder to ourselves no matter what is going on?

I am pleased to announce that Jennifer Lovejoy and I will again be offering a day of individual and group explorations into this topic. Our aim is to both foster your individual knowledge and growth as we follow the questions that come up for the group. I hope you will come be a part of this day!

“I attended the day-long Change workshop with Rebecca Harrison and Jennifer Lovejoy with some specific goals in mind. I came away with a bit of a new worldview. It took a week or so after the workshop for me to really realize what a holistic and deep change in thinking and being was beginning to take hold-subtle in many ways but large in other ways. I found myself smiling broadly to myself on my bike the other day, realizing that I just employed a new approach to nagging problem and it was working.”


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Attending the Workshop
  • Wear comfy clothes
  • Bring a sack lunch or you can pick up some food nearby on our lunch break
  • Bring something to write on and with
  • Check or cash only please
  • It is preferred that you mail your check payment one week prior to the workshop date
  • If you cannot mail a check one week prior, you may bring your check or cash payment to the workshop